Cambelts & Water Pumps

Cambelt Replacement in Manukau – $350+GST

If you need cambelt replacement services, Manukau Service Centre is your best choice. We offer the same quality of service as your dealer, but our prices are much more affordable. Your car will also be fitted with a high-quality replacement belt ensuring optimal driving performance and durability.

Make sure you get in touch to book your car in as close to the point recommended by your manufacturer as possible. All manufacturers have a recommended cambelt replacement milestone as the belts themselves are made from rubber. This means they are subject to wear and tear, so deteriorate in quality over time.

If yours is due to be replaced, get it booked in today.

Water Pump Replacements

Replacing the water pump in your car on a similar schedule to the cambelt can also help prevent breakdowns and ensure your car runs efficiently. It is often also useful to replace idlers and tensioners in the engine at the same time too.

By replacing your cambelt, water pump, idlers, and tensioners together, labor time is reduced so you’ll save money. In fact, it’s significantly cheaper getting them all done at the same time than it is doing them separately.

Reasons to Choose Us

  • Experienced and skilful team
  • Well-equipped workshop
  • Work on all makes and model
  • Use high-quality cambelt and water pump replacement parts
  • Provide excellent customer service

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