Clutch Servicing in Manukau

Your clutch won’t last forever. It needs periodically serviced and may need to be replaced if there are other problems, or if it has not been properly looked after in the past. Our clutch servicing, repair, and replacement services are the solution.

Contact us today to find out the best time to get your clutch serviced. In addition, you should contact us if your clutch is slipping or if it is hard to get your car into gear. Clunking and scraping noises when changing gears are also signs of potential problems with your clutch. These problems will only get worse over time and could get more expensive to rectify, so book your car in if you notice them.

New Clutch Fitting

If your car needs a new clutch, Manukau Service Centre can help. We fit clutches to all makes and model of car as well as trucks and 4x4s. We only use high-quality replacements and the work on your car will be completed by an experienced and trained mechanic.

Once your new clutch is fitted, your car will run more efficiently and smoothly, making it cheaper and more comfortable to drive.

The Best Service from Your Local Team

  • Excellent quality workmanship
  • Expert advice
  • Friendly customer service
  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • Competitive prices

Find out more or get a clutch servicing quote by calling us today on 09 263 7015.
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